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  1. Keep in mind that polyethylene tanks have a 15-20 year expected life. I know what I would do.
  2. If it was me putting a new engine on this boat I would put a new clean tank in it with an in line water fuel filter. If the entire system is new and you change that fuel filter each year you will have clean sailing for 20+ years. Also do not put ethanol gas in it.
  3. Thanks for the info! Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  4. Does anyone out there have any experience with Garmin Auto Pilots? My boat is rigged with a Garmin GHC 10 auto pilot controller and I also use a Garmin hand held remote auto pilot control that communicates to the GHC 10 that I operate from the back of the boat. My hydraulic pump is a Garmin GHP 10-2.1. The hydraulic ram on the outboard motor is a Sea Star HC 5345. I have two helms on my boat. The system probably has around 600 hours of run time on it. I am wondering if the hydraulic pump is worn out already or if there may be air in the system. Here is the problem, when using the autopilot in rough conditions and the system bottoms out the steering ram so that the motor is turned as sharp as it will go the pump does some cavitating or squealing as it attempts to try and go further and it locks the system in place and won't correct itself once the boat comes back around and drives the boat in a circle. The auto pilot blinks on and off with a pump stall warning. I have to manually grab the steering wheel and override the system to get it out of that locked position as the auto pilot controls won't work at that point. It is like they are locked somehow. I have talked to Garmin and have uploaded the latest updates and they think it is a hydraulic problem. The system has plenty of hydraulic fluid. It seems with the boat rocking and rolling in rough seas it is much worse like the internal compass has trouble. The boat has two Garmin Chart Plotters (6212 & 4212) that are Ethernet connected and at the heart of the operation. Any idea or experience with such a thing?
  5. More info on regulation changes for you guys: New Striped Bass Limits Effective March 17, 2015 New York State is committed to maintaining a healthy stock of striped bass for both recreational and commercial fishing. To comply with the Atlantic States Marine Fishery Commission’s (ASMFC) mandated 25-percent harvest reduction, effective March 17, 2015, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has established limits that will allow the striped bass stock to recover more quickly. These limits are: Recreational: Marine and Coastal district (south of the George Washington Bridge): 1 fish, 28 inches or larger, during the Apr. 15 – Dec. 15 season Hudson River (all tributaries north of George Washington Bridge and all inland waters): 1 fish, 18-28 inches OR 1 fish larger than 40 inches during the Apr. 1 – Nov. 30 season Delaware River: 1 fish, 28 inches or larger (no closed season) Commercial: The commercial quota was reduced by 25%. A slot limit of 28-38 inches during the Jun. 1 – Dec. 15 season are the new limits. New York also recommends the use of “circle-hooks†while fishing for stripers since this reduces the mortality of released fish. NOTE: Anadromous river herring regulations remain the same for the Hudson River. The possession ban remains only for the Marine and Coastal District and all other waters in New York State. Please visit the NYS DEC website for details on the new limits and regulations . Sent from Day Break using my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  6. Just call me to set up a charter in the Albany area and I will show you the program. Sent from Day Break using my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  7. I have owned two Lunds, an 18' and a 20' and now a 24' Hewescraft Alaskan. I had great luck with the Lunds but wanted something larger for fishing Lake Ontario. There is no comparison between the boats. The Hewescraft is built like a tank and industrial work machine. I love the hardtop to get out of the elements and for security as I can lock everything up. I purchased mine in Portland at Clemens marine, Rod Price at 503-283-1712. I didn't seem to click with the dealer near Chicago. They are not cheap but you will never have to buy another boat. This time of the year brings some pretty good pricing on leftover models. If the Hewescraft is too much I would favor the Lund.
  8. Nice fish and nice report. Good talking with you at the dock. I will be there Thursday through Tuesday again this weekend. We had some good waypoints out a little further than you that we're producing well. Sent from Day Break using my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  9. Kings are finally showing up. Right out front 175-275' of water. 50' and 100' down. Flasher flies and free slider spoons with purple in them catching kings and steelhead. Enjoy the photos and good luck out there!
  10. If you look at the classified on this website there is a charter business for sale right now. I am a part time charter captain and have a full time job that limits how many charters I can do a year. That will change in another 5-years when I retire and need something to keep me busy. Last year was my first year doing charters though I have been fishing Lake Ontario since 1995 and have been fishing all over the country since I was old enough to carry a fishing pole. I have done both salt water and fresh water and have focused on all types of fish and fishing. I may occasionally have a need for a first mate as doing charters solo will wear a guy down. I will be starting a list of potential first mates and will add your name to my list. Before I use you I would like to know more about your experience. PM me when you get a chance and give me more info. I am not worried about you taking my business. From what I can see there is still a lot of opportunity for business in this field. My business has doubled since last year and I am not even pushing the marketing. Having said that, you won't get rich being a charter captain and you better have a passion for it and not mind hard work. Most people don't understand how hard this can be and how it can wear you down as you start doing day after multiple day of charters. I guess I am just warning you before you devote your life to this. Once you start mating you will have a better feel for the work load involved.
  11. Very nice report as usual. Looks like you are becoming one of Ontario's finest! Thanks for sharing. You know how to get all of us excited about getting back on the big O! See you at the Oak this summer. I have to work through my spring striper season close to home first.
  12. I have a Steal Armor Stryker 2 boat alarm I used a few times and then I purchased an enclosed boat so I no longer need it. This is great for people who leave all their gear in an open boat. It has a remote alarm on a key chain as well as one heck of a loud alarm on the unit itself. I have $539 invested. I am asking $325 and I will pay shipping. PM me if you have interest.
  13. With a good chart plotter you can see the down rigger weights so I don't see the advantage of the D. I run an X4. Sent from Day Break using my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  14. If you don't find what you need look me up. I will be fishing out of Olcott in June and out of Oak Orchard July and August. I still have a few weekends available if it needs to be a weekend. I don't mind sharing my 20-years of experience fish Lake Ontario. I fished from an 18' Lund for 7 of those years, a 20' Lund for another 7-years and now a 24' Hewescraft. You won't find a better fishery than Lake Ontario! Sent from Day Break using my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  15. 2012 Hewes Craft 24' Alaskan Sent from Day Break using my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  16. I rig the same as Broke Off as well and sure put a lot of fish in the boat. The tackle thing will drive you crazy the rest of your life. I have thousands of dollars worth and every time I read something new I want to try it. My wife has to talk some sense to me about how many fish I am already putting in the boat per day. I think we will always be looking for that magic bullet. Find something that works well for you and stick with it until it no longer works well! Sent from Day Break using my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  17. I was not in the tournament but I would agree. The tournament should have been postponed and rescheduled. Now you have a situation where people won't want to sign up next year in case you have the same type of conditions. In addition, safety should come first for everyone involved. I know if I paid the $800 I would felt obligated to fish even if the conditions were somewhat dangerous and people should not be put in that position.
  18. If you want to see the boat I am fishing out of Oak Orchard every weekend through Sept 8th except fishing out of Oswego Aug 16th to 18th and don't mind you coming aboard for a look. If you want to fish on the boat maybe you could round up some guys for a half day charter while I am out there for a Sunday or Monday. My wife won't let me add any more friends and family trips this year .
  19. I bought a Hewes Craft 24' Alaskan from Clemens Marine in Portland last winter and paid to have it shipped east. Really love the boat and the way it is rigged.
  20. Very nice report. The time and effort you put into sharing the details is great. We had a good fourth of July week at the Oak as well. We were catching the kings early and late in the day east of the port in 135 to 250' of water on riggers at 70', 80', 90' and dipsy's out 250 and 300. Free sliders were catching some steelhead in the 200 - 250' range and when the sun became bright we headed out to deep water (400-500') where the steelhead kept everyone entertained in the upper water column, 50' and up. Hot rigs for us were mountain dew flasher with a green/white fly, white spin doctor with green dots followed by a hammer fly. Spoons that produced were DW purple with white ladder back and gold back side, any silver spoons with some black on them and white on the back side, gold flutter spoons and spoons with red, white and blue combined on them. We had a couple of good mornings 11 for 11 and 14 for 14. We noticed the lake is not crowded for the evening bite and the salmon really turn on right before dark. The Oak is just a great fishing port. Our largest fish was 28 pounds with a 26 pounder and many in the 20-23 pound class. I would post some pictures but apparently I don't know how.
  21. I can do the 21st at the Oak if you are flexible. I am booked the 18th through the 20th. I agree with some of the others comments that four people may work better if you want more time on the rod. See my website at www.DaybreakIIChartersllc.com Take a look my Facebook page if you want to see what we caught last week.
  22. I think you have enough information on the previous emails to make a sound decision. Bottom line is you will know if someone is working hard for you no matter what the fish count is. The mate deserves a higher percentage as he should be the guy doing the majority of the work if he is any good even though he does not have the investment. My recommendation is to pay a bigger tip if you have a super trip as there really is not much profit in this business for anyone. It is more a passion for something you love than a profit making business!
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