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Definately another slow day for us. Fished right outside of Olcott all the way down past the power plant and went 3-5 in the shallower water (20-30ft). Two browns and a steelie. All on spoons (lost 2 small coho at the boat).


Super slow bite. Decided to try out deeper and managed to go 2 for 3 on lakers.


Good day and fair fishing. Last weekend we had an epic day, but it was a great spring on Lake O.


Now there is time for another wash and wax before being dipped into Lake Erie in Dunkirk for the rest of the year.


Good Luck for the rest of the year. This site is definiately one of the best. I will post in the warm water section when we get out.


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Yeah Wooleye we just start on Ontario this year and what a treat so much too learn. But now back to erie where the eyes are waiting lots to learn there too. But it's all a blast

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