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Hot Bite this AM!!!!! on the water by 5:30 set up in 215 fow headed north 4 on flat lines 2 riggers and 2 dipseys first shot was a weighted spoon off the flat like 115 back small steelhead once it was reset I don't think 5 minutes passes and the same rod fires this time a laker just shy of #11 reset and the 225 dipsey takes a shot and starts peeling line bring in a low teen king all reset and heading west in 250 fow the 185 dipsey starts screaming gets out to almost 400 feet of wire and the battle of reeling it in begins we gain 5 it runs out 20 after 30+minutes 17 ' behind this slob spits the hook!!! I almost puked the mood on the boat fell to the bottom of the lake!!! any way we pushed on and picked away at a bunch more steelhead. total hits +or-18 250-265 was the best depth. hot flies were the AAF Blackjaw and the AAF hammer. The hot spoons were NBK, Carbon 14, Yellow tux, and an nk spoon in  size 28 not sure of the name one edge is pink the other edge is orange and silver down the middle in a hammered finish. Green challenger stick baits took a few fish also. Can't wait to get back out later in the week!!!!

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