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Bear Creek HOT 8/9/14

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Well it was our first time ever fishing for trout and salmon on our boat and were not expecting to get the skunk off today but managed well. We set up shop in 120 feet at around 6pm with a crazy current and marked a lot of bait high and fish aka lakers low. Had a rigger at 110 and another at 75 with temps around 65 on both. We were hitting lakers left and right on every spoon we had and color we had and catching them in doubles and triples too. Orange crush, stingers chicken wing, NK green, and even dipsey green spinny took fish later. Over all we managed 11 lakers, 1 King, and a tank brown. We stayed in the 115-140 range all day and couldn't pick up anythingbut mostly lakers. post-146972-14076388104925_thumb.jpgpost-146972-14076388474995_thumb.jpgpost-146972-14076388712231_thumb.jpgGreat day for our first voyage. But where are the steelies!!? And kings!??? I'm sick of reeling in mud hens. - fish on-

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