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Tim Bromund

Olcott Saturday 7-9

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Earlier this year, I donated a fishing trip for a benefit, before I discovered the rotten stringers in my boat.  Since I'm still not in the water this year with all of the rebuilding, I asked Adam Gierach to help me out for  the trip.  We took the winners of the trip out today on Diversion II out of Olcott.  Took a quick look inside and not seeing anything interesting, we picked up and ran offshore.  Set down in 375 fow and started trolling north as we set lines.  Caught fish from 400 all the way to 500 fow.

Rods set were riggers at 45 and 55, divers at 155 and 135 200 copper and 10 color.  

Had a good day with around 20 bites, a mix of kings and steelhead.  The 10 color was the hot rod with a jawbreaker stinger stingray taking nearly half the shots.  Unfortunately, our landing percentage sucked on that rod today, but we did manage to put 7 fish in the box for the guys, plus one undersize steelie that was released.  

One nice mature king at 22-23 lbs plus a teenager, really nice class of steelhead with one 12 lbs and 2 others landed over 10, plus we lost several similar sized fish.

The big king came on the 135 diver on an NK28 Hawg Wild.

Many, many thanks to Adam, the guys had a good time and went home with a cooler full.

Beauty of a day out there



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Nice!!!! We Deff have a great class of chrome coming this year!!!!

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Nice job Tim!  Its good to see the steelies are still there to keep rods moving.  Hope these storms don't stir things up too much this week.  I'll be up Thursday.

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