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  1. Here is the letter I sent: US Fish and Wildlife Service RE: PROPOSED MANAGEMENT OF DOUBLE CRESTED CORMORANTS: I am writing on behalf of the Lake Ontario Trout and Salmon Association. We are an organization of over 500 members in 9 US States and 2 Canadian Provinces. We strongly support the implementation of the proposed rule allowing States to manage cormorant populations. Here in NYS, Double Crested Cormorant populations have exploded on both Lake Ontario and Lake Erie due to the inability of our local NYSDEC officials to effectively manage Cormorant populations within our borders. Over the last decade, we have seen devastating predation in all parts of our Great Lake Waters of both stocked and wild gamefish, as well as the baitfish they prey upon. We have witnessed entire beach stockings of thousands of game fish such as brown trout decimated by hundreds of Cormorants at the time and point of release. The Cormorants also prey heavily on alewife in the spring when they are in the lake shallows engaged in their annual spawning activities. Alewife and emerald shiner populations in both Lake Ontario, Lake Erie and the Niagara River are currently at dangerously low levels and cannot sustain the additional stress the excessive Cormorant populations place on them. Double Crested Cormorant populations are out of control and in addition to the devastation they are wreaking on both bait and game fish, the large colonies of nesting cormorants and the volume of waste generated at those sites are destroying the local ecology in those areas. Double Crested Cormorants desperately need to be managed and the State Agencies are best suited to enact effective management strategies. Thank you, we appreciate the opportunity to provide input on this important issue. Sincerely, Timothy Bromund LOTSA Corresponding Secretary Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. It’s out of their hands, cormorants are protected at the federal level. We tried last year to get them to allow hunting of them, or at the very least, some sort of control measures to control their numbers. As the Corresponding Secretary of LOTSA, I sent a letter to USFWS asking for some relief, but nothing came of it. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. That's not at all what he said, but whatever. i would recommend putting down the CNN, it's rotting your brain.
  4. Ignoring it, just like all of the other media driven scares.
  5. You use the propylene glycol non toxic marine antifreeze in boat engines, not ethylene glycol car anti freeze. So yes you can safely pump it onto the ground, By the time you've pumped 5 gallons of prop glycol through the engine all of the water has been displaced and you just leave the block filled with it til the next time you start the engine.
  6. I tuned them out a while ago this season. I don't even look to see when they are playing anymore. Sad.
  7. Both are invasive, they just came in during different time periods and avenues. If I remember my history correctly (it's been a while), smelt came in with the Erie Canal and Alewife came in with the St Lawrence Seaway.
  8. I'm planning on going to the Lockport Meeting next week.
  9. FWIW, before the fleas showed up, all we ever ran on our rigger rods was 12 lb Trilene XT and landed many high 20's and 30 kings back in the 90's when fish that size were fairly common. Tim
  10. can't go wrong with either, I own both and have no complaints with either. But then, I haven't had a boat in the water since 2013 , but I've owned Scottys since 2002 or so. Tim
  11. No, they are completely based on reality. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Guys, this identical bill has been introduced 10 previous times over the past 20 years, including 2018. It will die in the encon committee as it has all the other times, as it should.
  13. No, but I’m not sure the Lower Niagara is great spawning habitat for them. If it was, a naturalized population would have been established long before the onset of the pen projects. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. There have been pens in the Niagara since the origination of the Pen projects.
  15. True, but the difference is, your issue is based on water temp and is uncorrectable. Ours can be improved with modified stocking strategies. Particularly since half of the lake's charter fleet, and recreational fleet spends their spring parked down here in Olcott and Wilson filling their boxes with salmon. I don't blame them for that, gotta go where the fishing is good, but the simple fact is, there are a ton of fish taken out of the system out of the west end every spring and early summer, so when the migratory fish start heading home in mid August, we typically have very few of our resident fish left to stage and run and our fishing essentially flatlines in late August, unless you want to run offshore and chase 2 year olds. I'm just thinking that a revised stocking strategy might be able to correct some of that. It wouldn't really affect the fall east end fishing all that much with all of the wild fish that slam into the Salmon River every fall. Just my opinion.
  16. Unless you fish the west end of the lake when our fish typically disappear in mid August as they head east.
  17. And Rockets also happen to catch a ton of fish.
  18. wrap of electrical tape on the spool for me. 1000 feet perfectly fills the spool on my Daiwa SG47 LC's. Don't forget the first time you take them out to fish with, before you start using them, you want to take them out over deep water and let the entire spool out with a heavy weight (I use a 1 lb lead ball) and reel it back in to make sure the wire is spooled tight enough on the reel, line winders wont get it tight enough and the wire will dig into itself and bind up with the first screaming king you hook up on. Been there, done that, no fun.
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