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Boat launches out of Olcott and where to buy bait


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My wife and I are coming up from Ohio this Thursday and are staying at the Lighthouse Motel in Olcott.  Were going to go on a charter on Friday and are toying around the idea of bringing our own boat up to try some fishing on our own on Thurs and maybe Saturday.  Can you recommend marinas and/or boat launches in the Olcott area and good places to buy bait preferably herring?  Thanks so much in advance!! 

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Some of the nicest launch ramps on the entire lake are right there at the Town of Newfane Marina, around the corner from your lodging. Cut bait can be gotten at both the Slippery Sinker and the Boat Doctors, pretty much right next to the Lighthouse, and at ASB Tackle, right by Cafora's Restaurant on Rte 78 in Newfane ( Cafora's has great food also).

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