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Rochester Fly Shops vistit 2-2-2007


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I must vent a little. Let me first say I have been fly-fishing seriously for about 15 years now and I am not afraid to say I do know a little about the fly fishing business. I think the Rochester areas fly-fishing shops are awful except for Colemans. I was in a shop yesterday near ER (yes some of you know what shop it is) and the store owner who has been there for a long time was completely rude and down right nasty to one of his employees. After witnessing this idiot's complete disregard for employees I went to look at the fly tying stuff and he seemed annoyed that he had to walk up the stairs to tend to my presents. I then asked about some materials which he did not have in the store and again he gave me attitude with his response. I do understand people have bad days, but I do not understand humiliating your own employee and pissing of your customers. With issues like these I cannot imagine that shop will be around any longer. That store owner is a complete Jack*$$. I will never go back ever.

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You got that right, I think Carl Coleman has really got it all together. He knows where to fish, when to fish, and what to use. He has everything a fly tier needs in his shop. Its well worth the trip to Spencerport, NY. I can't get out too much anymore, so I havn't been out there in quite a while. The last time I was out there, he mentioned opening up a web site. Does anyone know if he has yet, and what the address is?

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