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Panfish in the St Lawrence Area

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I fish out of Kingston, ON all year, usually boat is in the water April and comes out Dec/Jan.  Fish for whatever is biting, but mainly pike and walleye.  My kids are starting to get old enough to come out fishing but trolling is not the best for little ones...they get bored too easy!  (or maybe we just don't catch enough)


Was wondering what kind of seasonal pattern and structures to target if you wanted to get them into some panfish action?  Not looking for hotspots from anyone, just what to be looking for at a given time of year and what depths and setups can be productive.  Was thinking bobber fishing for kids would be the way to go but I have never targeted any panfish before so totally new to me.  Any advice here or by PM would be appreciated.





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Try shallow weedy bays with a mud or sand bottom. Muddy bays should produce bullhead and panfish.shallow brush piles you might find some crappie

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