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Massive Schools of Perch - Underwater VIDEO

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This video shows some of the massive perch schools we followed on Lake Simcoe on May 7, 2015.


All of the footage was taken in shallow water (6 to 10 feet) in the Sibbalds Point area and the schools had good mixes of jumbos and juveniles.


Some good sized smallies were also seen in and around the perch schools.


Hope you enjoy!




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Very cool, it almost looked like a aquarium full of perch, my uncle was going nuts over the perch as they are his favorite fish to catch and eat!! Thanks for sharing!!! PAP.

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That would be excellent!! How do you go about it, scuba dive? I know in this vid. You didn't but for other species what's your tactic? By the way your welcome!! I enjoy seeing things like this, especially when the fish are swimming free in their own environment. This takes a lot of time to put together.

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