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canandaigua derby

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Definitely a tough couple days of fishing out there! Have to say canandaigua is probably the most unpredictable lake i fish. One day its hot and the next .. not.

Knowing it was gonna blow saturday i decided to bag prefishing friday.. save energy and gas..

Saturday I set up with no clear game plan of what, where, and how, but figured i would start south of german bros. and troll north... set up in 90' roughly and had a fish on before the second rod was set. ended up getting a 9 rod spread out consisting of ff on 2 dipsey and 2 riggers, 2 riggers with spoons, and 3 high lines using cores. picked away at the lakers boating around 16 fish most of which on flasher fly. the highlight of the day happened around 4pm half way down lake on the east side when a rigger running a ff combo popped. I got to the rod and before pulling out of rod holder I am reeling up what seemed like 50' of slack line but then it started to load up. I had a pretty good idea that it was a decent fish.. at least better than the 4-5 # fish we were getting. After a predictable "battle" the net slips under our biggest fish of the day which at weigh in was 9.96#. sadly we went back out after weighing in but skunked out. Should have just gone home and slept!

Sunday was another story. pretty much the same approach as Saturday with drastically dif results. boated 3 fish for the day biggest 6.5. saw bait, awesome hooks at varying depths, threw a vast array of gear at them but nuthin.

I am sure the full sun and pleasure craft assault did none of us any favors today!

Had a great time fishing with my crew and collaborating with my buddy on the blue lund!

Kind of wanna come down for some brown and bow redemption but its time to get back on lake O!!

Congrats to Brett on P 3 on the laker board and to everyone else that placed!


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