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Left the launch at 5:30p (three trailers) and found the lake a little snotty with a NE wind. Pushed NE, then N straight out to 180. Stopped for a second at a break around 180 where I did mark some fish, but decided to head out to 350 where I had heard of some action earlier in the morning (thanks Brian). 


First rod down was the probe downrigger temp was 44 down 52', figured I'd leave it there for a few minutes while we rigged. I turned around and heard the drag click a few times - geez... fish on already! 2nd year king netted and thrown in the livewell. This fish came on a mag carbon 14 spoon. 


Got the rest of the lines out just in time for the starboard dipsy to start screaming. Grabbed the rod, fought for a few seconds then nothing. Reeled it in to find that my Echip paddle and ITO green fly was gone... I was left with a mag dipsy and about 3' of 30# flouro. Really disappointed in myself for not checking for knicks in the leaders before setting lines - was in a hurry to get lines out since we had one right off the bat. Lesson learned. Either that or the leader was wrapped around the wire line - who knows. 


By this time the wind let up and the sun was out... a truly beautiful night. Trolled East for another mile then made a turn to head West. We we working a massive thermal break the whole night, and whenever we marked a fish we had a hit. 


Switched some spoons over to paddles, and put a familiar bite meat rig on the rigger down 45'. As soon as I hit 45' the thing popped and started screaming - ended up being a nice 11lb steelie. That same rig would take two more fish - both decent cohos. Things turned off for us around 8pm. Stuck it out till 9 then headed in to an empty parking lot. 


Excellent night! 


The most interesting part is that all of the fish stayed alive in the livewell. We actually released one of the cohos at the end of the night since it was in such good shape - very healthy and lively. Swam away faster than the eye could see. I figured if it had such good genes it deserved it!



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Yes we've waited long enough for the kings! Bringing my 5 and 7 year old nieces out in the AM, so let's hope for some more action! If not, I am so happy that we have such a robust fishery to support the numbers of lakers we are seeing. They really save the day sometimes. 

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