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dunkirk/barcelona ny Lake erie 7/27-29

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My wife and I took a 3 day trip to Lake Erie for eyes-same time/same area that I have fished for years. Monday dead calm/hot sun and no marks coming out of Dunkirk. Fished same area that has produced for years-80-100 FOW-east and west of Dunkirk. Very little or no marks-did a LOT of trolling-lots of silver bass and 1- 2# eye with the last pole in.

Went to Barcelona next 2 days-Harbormaster says fish shallow-50-70 fow/down 40. 1 Walleye at 7am-lots of silver bass. Ran out to 95-110 fow-slammed the steelheads (12)-but no walleye out deep. 

2 days of running same programs that has produced limits plus for years-and it ain't working!!! 

Pulling boat out on day 2-a local questions how I did-I said 2 eyes in 2 days. Told me I was fishing WAY TOO DEEP OF WATER. He says start at 40 fow. Next morning we head out-troll between 40-50 fow and limit out that day (2 people). Red prism Renoskys (both 3" and 5") took almost all the fish- last 2 eyes caught in 35 fow with surface temp of 76 degrees!

What has always worked in past may not always work!


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