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Black Lake 8/1 - 8/9

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Well we had our second and last one week trip up to Black Lake for 2015 (8/1 – 8/9). Again had a lot of fun and caught a lot of fish. A little late on posting, as right after coming back I had trip for work last week to Boston. We decided to go out for Haddock fishing on the last day out of Gloucester. That trip ended up something our experience a Black Lake, caught Haddock (or Pollock) almost every time we put down the clams, but like the Crappie at Black Lake, the majority just under the minimum length. Caught Cod as well, but for the second year now, have to throw them back, regardless of size. Weather was great, but according to the regulars on the boat, not the best for the larger Haddock. OK of us however, it was a fun day and we brought back a bag of fillets.


I checked my Black Lake post from 8/2 to 8/10/ 2014.

I'd estimate we caught about 1000 fish keeping about a 1/3. Ended up with 5 one gallon bags of fillets.

Gross make up was approximately 45% Perch, 35% Sunfish and 20% Crappie. Also landed 4 LM Bass and 3 Bull Head, all released. No Pike this time.

Fished Tin, Raspberry, Limestone and Wood Islands along with some of the shoals in the area. Didn't do that well on the shoals.


Fishing ended up to be very similar, but only fished one afternoon/evening with Bridget – rest of the time solo morning trips. Again estimate catching about 1000 fish and ended up with 5 one gallon bags of pan fish fillets. Gross make up was approximately the same.  Surprised that last year ratio of keeper (9â€) Crappie to throw backs was on the order of 1 to 10. This trip was more like 1 to 20. The word from the locals is that Crappie are said to grow 3†per year (not sure if this is true) but if it is, why the ratio change in the wrong direction? What was good this trip is that we caught many more good size perch. On our last day fishing (Saturday) based on word from fellow campers at McLears ended up fishing from 10 AM to 1 PM fishing in front of McLears (never fished there before). To my surprise did extremely well on nice size Perch, Sunfish and throw back Crappie until we ran out of bait and quit for the week. Put back 3 bullhead and 2 nice smallmouth.

Fished mainly near Tin and Raspberry Islands until the honey hole find in front of McLears on the last day. There are so many areas to fish and of course with Pan Fish moving around or drifting is key. Unfortunately for the first 4 days it was so windy is was hard to effectively drift (could have put out some drift socks but didn’t bother).

If you like Pan Fishing I’d highly recommend Black Lake. It has never disappointed in the last four years we have fished there. Next year plan we plan to stay a week in June, July and August. Have some thought of fishing Pan Fish in the AM and do catch and release Bass some evenings.

This weekend have to do some yard work and transform the boat and tackle to Trout and Salmon mode for our upcoming trip up to Oak Orchard.  Based on from I’m hearing on LOU, the T&S fishing on the big O has been kind of slow this summer – haven’t fished it the last month.

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Unfortunately Bridget is having shoulder surgery after we get back from the Oak or I'd go up for another week in September.


Hopefully the action will be good Labor Day weekend at the Oak, but "relaxing" probably not. Get's pretty hectic out front first thing in the A.M., but no comparison to the combat fishing in front of the Salmon River. Actually last few years at the Oak that time of year hasn't been too bad but you have to be on your toes. 

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I'm always there, Point Breeze, when home. I'll be fishing that weekend if you need some info. Just send me a PM. Plenty of offshore fishing will likely go on for a while this year.

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