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2015 Annual Aug trip:

Fished out of I-Bay Friday – Monday with my Dad, Unlce and


Friday: headed out to Scotch Bonnet, dropped the first rigger down 20 sec later a 10lb king, put right back and again 10lb king (Both came on meat).  Then it was a slow go picked up a couple steelies by noon we decided to make a move.  We went in front of Braddock’s in 500ft and picked a few more small kings. 


Sat-Monday: Fished east of I-bay, spent the mornings with mainly a brown trout program and it worked out with 2 X LOC placed fish(Currently 3rd and 11th).  It was not hot and heavy but all quality fish.   It was tough to get the right program dialed in because of the Biomass of baitfish!  Blotting out the screen multiple times.  Lots of fish on bait but with the all that bait and full moon it made for tough fishing.  We only boated 3 mature kings (1 per day).  We fished from 70ft -250ft.  The browns all came in M-Stingers, and Spin Docs.  All the kings came on Spin Docs.


All and all very slow fishing for August, I hope the kings move in by next weekend. 


Good luck out there.





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Great job on the brownies! i was gonna give the browns a shot saturday morning east of bay but decided to play offshore. kinda wish i worked on the browns! I picked up a handful of low to mid teen kings and a couple steelhead. It was not the action i was hoping for. Par for the season really.


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