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Biiiig Bull Shark


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My parents rented a place for the winter and I found a $100 round trip flight, so 2 weeks after leaving Florida I was back!

We started out by going to the marina to catch bait fish. For some reason they weren't biting, but a charter boat came in and gave us two grouper carcasses and a kingfish carcass after fileting them. We had big baits! Went out that night and had one run but I set the hook too soon, not factoring that big baits means you have to give the shark the time to eat it.

The next night we went out. I had a run right at sunset and lost it just 50 yards out. I was very upset now being 0/2 but put another bait out. An hour later the reel went off, a long, slow, but steady click. Could it be a winter Bull shark?!? I set the hook and we were on. A half hour later I landed the biggest shark of my life. A 8' 250lb bull. Amazing. The video is here:

On our last night we had 3 runs. The first dropped it. The second straight "freight trained" my brother eventually breaking him off, I think it was another bull or even a tiger. The third we landed and it was a nice Sandbar shark. Overall amazing weekend!

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