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Fishing 411 Yakima baits


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Does anyone on here have any experiance with the flat fish. I have had used them before but this year they came out with a Mag Lip 2.5. Naturally they are 2 1/2" it only dives to 8ft, with some great looking color, these baits were designed after a lot of walleye, trout, and steelhead guys got them to make a smaller bait. I saw today that Mark and Jake and a charter capt. Gave them a whirl on one of the western Great Lakes, they were catching brownies and kings and smallmouth, and eyes with the same size lures they ran 8 rods, and they kept mentioning that the were fishing the stained warmer waters. Go on to the Yakima site and you can download their color catalog. They carry a boat load of stuff with how to rig the bait and how to improve the lure buy adding different items to spinner rigs ect. Yakima also carries Rooster tails that they took to a new level, spin-n-glo, they also did wonders such colors the wings are prism, some are color and a new thing black not to mention size from a 1/4" to 1 1/2". Flat fish and Worden's Rooster Tails of every size and shape. If you get a chance down load their catalog. The one on the right is the whole catalog the one on the left is the new for 2016.

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I don't know why it won't load to the site, but if you go to google it does I give up. Just type in yakima baits and it will come up, down load there catalog they have some great stuff for eye fisherman. PAP.

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