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Bottom painting hull


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Hey guys just wondering what's an approx price for re painting the hull of my 23ft fiberglass. Is currently painted but is in need for a new coat. I know it takes about a gallon and that's $120-250 a gallon. What's the cost if a company should do it. Just don't want to get ripped off!

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Do you currently have soft or hard ablative paint or something else.  Do you leave the boat in the water all year? 


If its just a new coat and you already know what you have on there, its really easy to do and you shouldnt bother with paying someone to do it.

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Hard to tell much from the picture but here are a couple of suggestions. It appears you may have multiple coats of paint on the bottom if that is blue paint showing through the black in the picture. If also appears the paint has peeled away from the hull just below the boot stripe and left a bare spot. If both or either of these are true, you need to remove the paint that is on the boat for good results. Having the boat soda blasted is far easier and better than trying to sand the paint off.

If the paint on the boat is an ablative paint and the picture is only showing stains, you can power wash the hull and repaint with an ablative paint. You cannot put a hard bottom paint over an ablative paint, it will not stay on. you can cover a hard bottom paint with an ablative paint if the hard paint is in good condition and you power wash the bottom first.

Cost for painting a bottom varies by the yard but figure they will charge you for the paint plus 2 to 3 hours of labor at the yard rate. Some yards will charge you a flat rate of $XX per foot based on the boat,s LOA.

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