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Just curious how it went from a $6K boat, to some TLC and now part out?  What is wrong with the hull to warrant a part out?  Is the transom or stringers/floor an issue?  A shame to part out a hardtop that probably still has some life in it.

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Zero-no interest in it. I've literally only had 2 people come look at it since it's been posted in may. Boat is solid. But has a less desirable outdrive. I think another part of my problem is that it's at my home in pa. It killed me to drop it down to 2,000 beings I paid over 2,000 just for the motorb but I wanted the cash for another boat. Found another boat but it has a v6 in it was just going to pull my motor out and drop it in the new boat. The 2 guys that came and looked at it said it was rougher than they expected... wth more do you want for 2k I've got almost 4x that sunk into it

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