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GLIER Tagging of Chinook Salmon Lake Ontario

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Here is a short video on GLIER (Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research) for some of the salmon that were tagged earlier this year for a new depth and temperature study on Lake Ontario.  The first sets of information were discussed at this year's Salmon Symposium in Port Credit.  Remember, if you get a tagged fish there is a reward for returning the tags (information is at the end of the video).   The information in the study is only as good as what they get back!




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Thanks for the post and video link. This information is showing the incredible depths and movements of Lake Ontario King salmon. BIG thanks to Capt. Nick (Moby Nick Charters-Port Credit-Canada) for his continued efforts to help this fishery. I am also impressed with the University Of Winsor-Canada. Anytime I sit in on their presentations, the knowledge and outside the technical box thinking they have is amazing for gathering information on the Great Lakes. They are great people to ask specific Questions regarding Great Lakes issues.




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