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Seneca 7/4 on Reel Stories

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After trying (unsuccessfully) to get into sliver fish on Seneca over the past few summers, I decided to bite the bullet and book a last minute charter with Nick on Reel Stories.  My time on the water is limited to about 3 weekends a year, so I wanted to accelerate my learning with someone who fishes the lake weekly.

I've exchanged pm's with Nick over the years, and while he's been extremely gracious with his time and advice, nothing can replace actual time on the water.  My father and I met Nick at Sampson around 5:15 and we were on the water by 5:30.  Over the course of the next 4 hours, I probably asked 50-60 questions on how and why he does what he does, all of which he was happy to answer...  As a group, we boated 10-12 fish and dropped a handful more, but more important to me was what I learned.


For any others like me, who don't have the time to conduct your own due diligence, I highly recommend a trip with Nick or one of the other experienced charters.  There's been a lot of talk about Seneca's decline, and while some of it is probably justified, we marked a ton of fish and bait, and had what I consider to be a successful morning.  I learned A LOT and can't wait to put the lessons into action.  Unfortunately, I'm back in NJ and not sure when I'll get another crack at Seneca!






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Nice going Brad and good report. Folks who might be relatively new to this sport (trolling) can certainly benefit from your comments and regardless of experience level people can learn from each other much better via actual experience out there. Reading stuff is nice but a lot of things are much better understood and incorporated by watching others who are very capable and asking questions as you mentioned and sometimes folks are either too shy, embarrassed,  or reluctant to ask the critical questions. Nick has a great grasp of this stuff and certainly hasthe range of equipment available so that people can see exactly how stuff operates and so does Sean Brown down at that end of the lake. Thye are bot very personable guys and are generous with their information. Going out there with highly competent experienced captains is like taking a real good 'hands on" course in something and sometimes folks grumble about money issues, but then turn around and spend twice as much on some marginal online course or workshop or something :lol: .  Spending a few bucks accelerating your learning curve in a sport that you love is "priceless" just as is your time. Brad give Dutch my best regards :) . Les

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With all the slow fishing talk on Seneca it looks like you did a great job Nick! Pro as always!:lol: How were the weeds ? We started to run into them south of Sampson that same day, I get frustrated running a few rods can't imagine 9 plus going into those pods, I think I'd blow a fuse!

Side note, my opinion on the lack of fish or that these fish are not biting as much is because there is SO much bait it's no problem for them to be full in minutes. Lots of marked fish and the screen is full of bait everywhere!

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