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(GHSP is between Oaks Orchard and Olcott)

Woke up at 4:30 and looked out the campsite. Didn't look like the weather was great but we couldn't help giving it a shot. Got out at 5:30.

Started 130 fow and worked out to 300. Got a few shakers, two of which I didn't notice and ended up having to keep. Went 5 for 7. One was a screamer 15 lb King 62 ft down in 160 fow. Thought it was 20+ for sure on the line for the fight it gave but wasnt quite that big. Lost a nice steelhead when it jumped and spit the hook. Everything else was shakers. Wind picked up by noon and we had to pack up. Best spoon by far for the past few days has been wonderbread with a silver back.

The thermocline was significantly different. Didn't hit the colder water until 90-100 ft down. Few days ago it was more like 40 ft down! Interestingly enough most of the bites today came at the warmer water or on the fringe of the colder stuff!! Fish must be hungry

Trying once more tomorrow morning and hopefully the lake isn't too stirred up. Tight lines


-finally getting a screamer and having a sweet fight

-decent fishing for the inconsistent weather


-killing 2 shakers :(

-windy later and getting blown off the lake


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