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Fly N Fish Shootout report

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Great tournament! thanks to all who put it on and the winners!



Unfortunately do to a big inspection at work I had no practice days.  I left Friday after work from I-Bay and arrived in Sandy creek about 7pm and spent the night on the boat. 


Without practice fishing I decided to go where I knew there would be fish out 12 miles to Scotch Bonnet.  We arrive around 5:40 put the first rigger down temp was 48deg 60'  and it fired within 10 sec, 6lb steel.  20 min later the 260 dispey fires with a 17 lb king.  We continued to work the western edge and missed a bunch of fish and boated a handful of small salmon and steelhead.  Finally around 9:30 another 18lb king.  Soon after that we decided to move into shallow water we did not have a chance with these smaller fish.  With the amount of currents out there my Hummingbird was pretty much inop, lots of interference.  Moved into 260' foot of water and fish the troughs N/S and boated 2 more kings, 1 on 500' copper and one the 110 rigger.  All my kings came familiar bite.  Rough day out there now I know what its like to be in washing machine for 7 hours.  We ended up 17th and the crew had a great time minus the waves.





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