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5th Annual Oswego A-TOM-MIK Invite (Order of events)

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2016 5th Annual A-TOM-MIK Invite Order of events
----1K / day Wed thru Sat
Weigh in times & Location:
Wednesday 3rd (2-8pm) West side cleaning station
Thursday 4th (2-8pm) West side cleaning station
Friday 5th (2-8pm) West side cleaning station
Saturday 1-3:30pm (At tent)
Payout- Full Payout $1000 per day (4 days 20lb min)
----Big (2) fish Friday the 5th
Weigh in at tent only (2 Salmon)
Payout: See Image
Captains meeting 5:45pm Friday (at tent)
Rules, Waivers, Observer swap
Observer at boat by 5:00 am
Leave dock after 5:00 am
Blast off .25 miles from light at 5:30 am
Shotgun/flare start
Stop fishing at 2 pm
Must be in line at weigh in by 3:30 pm 
Food served at 4:30 pm
Awards start following food 
Payout: To be announced in disclosure
----If Blow day then we fish Sunday
Refunds (minus event fees) if 2 blow days
Food still served Saturday 4pm
Sponsor prizes given out Sunday
All rules here:

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5th Annual A-TOM-MIK Invite 1 K/day  Fee is $100 You do not need to participate in the main event to be in
Late entry starts August 1: Fee is $125 at that time

Teams in so far:
1) Hot Pursuit Two 
2) Mr. Tex 
3) A-TOM-MIK Rockets
4) Screamer/A-TOM-MIK
5) Time Fly's
6) Lucky Dog
7) Irish Knots 
8) Smashmouth
9) Oh Baby
10) Upstate Charters 
11) Team A-TOM-MIK
12) Yankee One
13) Twofish
14) Hotwires
15) Hook-N-Up 
16) Finders Keepers
17) Praying Mantis
18) Liquid Trouble
19) Tri-Lakes 
20) Water Wolf 
21) Cold Steel 
22) Big Cat
23) Royal Flush
24) Reel Dilemma
25) Tackle Buster 
26) Tall Tails 
27) Screwy Louie's
28) Blue Eyed Lady

29) Meat Wagon 

30) Double Treble
31) All Out/DA 
32) Team Bikini
33) Hat Trick 
34) Whiskey Runner
35) Team Addiction
36) Cannonball Runner 
37) 5 More Minutes 
39) Instedda Wurkin'
Edited by A-TOM-MIK

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