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FYI—New York’s 2015 Lake Ontario Fisheries Program Highlights


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Chinook Salmon Marking Projects

ï‚· In 2008, NYSDEC purchased an automated fish marking trailer (AutoFish) which is capable of

adipose clipping and/or applying coded wire tags (CWTs) to salmon and trout at high speed

and accuracy. To determine the proportions of wild and hatchery Chinook salmon in Lake

Ontario, all Chinook salmon stocked by New York and Ontario from 2008-2011 were marked

with an adipose fin clip. Percentages of wild Chinook salmon in Lake Ontario varied by year

class and age and among regions from 2009-2015. The wild study was completed in 2015 and

overall, wild Chinook were an important component of the Lake Ontario fishery averaging

47% of the age 2 & 3 Chinooks harvested in the lake.

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