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need help with Spoon I.D., thanks


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Two Moonshine (Magnum) Spoons.  Second one is like the Glow Bloody Nose, but minus the spots.    First one I think is Glow Wild Perch, but could use confirmation. (Can't find either on line). 



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challenged, thanks for the response, I appreciate confirmation on both!


I thought Bloody Nose had black spots all over it? I figured the one I'm showing in the picture was like Bloody Nose, but named something different since it has no black spots all over it. 


Also, I've been going through my box of spoons tonight and I found an empty container for a Moonshine Mag spoon, it has 'Spitfire' on it. Could the one I am showing in the picture be 'Spitfire'? I can't find Spitfire anywhere on line. 


thanks, sorry for the extra questions. 

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