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Cold front ? Was a good day anyway

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Don't let cold front conditions deter you. Fish slower, maybe a smaller presentation, and experiment with your presentation. Today I caught a 5 & 3 lb bigmouth in the first 20 minutes. I could have stayed on them and caught many more but had a goal of chasing down walleye, which I found in 35' at the end of the day on my way to boat launch....lol. FIGURES. Wass a good 1\4 mile stretch of bait fish and walleye/ trout. But I did troll Eastern shore in 15 ft of water w/2 Gators boated. 30", 24". Lures were perch Tail dancer, perch forage minnow spoon. Well I love fishing and if you do too and you like to share or discuss, please do. Good luck and enjoy !



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