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Canandaigua FLTA Last Tournament Of The Season

Iron Duke

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Launched bright an early at the south end Woodville launch and putted slowly out to the drop off very cautious due to low water out and on our way back but not as bad as I expected.. We ran north a mile or so and waited til time to drop lines and start the day.. We ran cores coppers rigs and riggers and one spoon dipsy.. First hour was extremely slow waiting for daybreak but when the sun came up we started picking up a few bows and some good Lakers .. Thus being the last tournament of the year it was silver fish only tournament which makes it fun but can be stressful too trying to cull your box and return any rainbow that are not gonna help your box back to the lake as healthy as can be.. We caught 7 bows that were all around ounces of each other until about mid morning when we decided to take a look out in the middle of the lake.. My crew was starting to doze a bit when I notice the starboard rigger twitch and this beautiful bow was airborne before the rigger even popped , as I grab the rod it pops and the bow is now on its second leap (about 3 feet) out of the water and as it landed made a few impressive drag pulling rips on me before we were able to get it to the net.. We box that rainbow knowing we now need to add some browns to our box but continue fishing with no prevail.. We head for weigh in fourth in overall points and hoping to move up a bit but expecting for others to have some good silvers too.. We are a bit suprised at weigh in with some bows being weighed but no browns and we happen to have the biggest bow at weigh in and that gave us the win and moved us up to finish second overall in the clubs final standings... Congrats to Josh Bellis (Bellis Program) on bringing home the club championship.. Way to go man very impressive second year in the club.. Anyone who maybe interested in joining the club for next season or in the future send me a PM with your email address and I will get you out an application and tournament rules ..

Iron Duke Trolling Flies also had 4 pro staffers finish in the top 5 in points overall for the season out of 24 boats that fished this season.. That is a pretty impressive feat for Iron Duke Trolling Flies first year in Business... I would personally like to thank Josh Bellis (Bellis Program) 1st overall in points , Brent Casciotti (Abc715) 4th overall in points and John Wild (Nauti Troller) 5th overall in points.. I would like to personally thank you guys for putting your faith in my products and running them this year it means the world to me.. And I also want to thank all of you guys here on the Lou who have supported me from day 1 and purchased flies and bait rigs from me.. We will continue to make great products that not only catch the fisherman's eye but put fish in your boats as well thanks again for your support...




Josh Bellis 1st overall in points



Brent Casciotti 4th overall in points



John Wild 5th overall in points



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