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What to expect in the trench.

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Heading up to fish Friday and Saturday this week. I never fished the trench before but these are the last 2 days I have available for the year so I am determined to get on the lake. Weather looks pretty good for the weekend but Friday looks like it could get a little rough out of Oswego or Pulaski.I have an 18' aluminum so I thought going up to the trench might hide me from the wind a little. Will probably get there sometime mid morning. Thinking it might not be to crazy at that time even though we are coming into a holiday weekend. Is there anything to watch out for since this is a little tighter quarters then normal? I'm sure once I get there I will get a sense of where everyone is at. Is it easier to come out of stoney point? On the map it looks like that might be the case. Any advice is appreciated.





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Stony point puts you right in ... don't mistake the trench for shelter .. often rougher in there .. like a funnel . Have had days where was sick of getting beat up and headed to open water. ... i avoid the weekends ... a lot of boats bobbing around and seems 40% care what's going on around them 

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