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Hey, all! New to fishing and might get a boat soon as I am ready. Been wanting to go fishing and now I got some spare time, I might jump into it. Tried the worm and bobber before with little success, I'll be reading around here to gain as much knowledge.

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Good luck. I will say this I was hesitant on going on a charter as they are kind of pricey...but rigging a boat and fishing can get pricey too and having someone teach you hands on is money well spent. Probably the best money I spent all year.

I went out with captain Jim of ultimate outdoors for walleye. I use alot of what he showed me every time I go out from fingerlakes Ontario and Erie. Also have gone out with a few of the guys here and it's so neat to see the different ways each guy does things and I have taken bits and pieces from all of them to find my way of doing it. These guys know their stuff.

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