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Niagara Fishing Show - Mark McClutchey Clinic

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     Another “can’t miss” event on Sunday at the Greater Niagara Fishing and Outdoor Expo for the experienced Lake Ontario anglers who want to improve their skills in using cut bait rigs to catch trophy Kings in 2018.




Sunday, January 21st – 10am – 11:30 am | Ball Room B

Free Tickets to the first 100 who sign up at the Anglers Avenue booth #153


     Captain Mark McClutchey owns and operates Diabolical Sportfishing, a Great Lakes fishing charter service based in Northern Michigan.  Captain Mark and his Diabolical teammates are fresh off of winning the biggest Great Lakes Salmon Tournament payout ever, $70,000 for the King of Kings Tournament this past July out of Toronto. They have won numerous other salmon tournaments across the Great Lakes, including the Salmon Showdown TV series, Lake Michigan’s Tournament Trail, and back-to-back winners of Lake Ontario’s Wilson Harbor Salmon Slam. Captain Mark, along with Diabolical Teammate Captain Dan Lasky, represented the USA at Trollmaster Bornholm 2017, one of the world’s largest international salmon tournaments held each year in the Baltic Sea.  Captain Mark also manufactures tournament grade cut bait rigs through his company Diabolical Custom Tackle.


     Captain Mark specializes in fishing cut bait rigs for Salmon. He will share the techniques he utilizes to fish cut bait rigs in Lake Ontario that has allowed him to be so quickly successful in a new lake to him. He will go thru in depth the key details of his program including how he tunes his bait (with underwater video). Russell Gahagan, another excellent tournament fishermen, owner of Anglers Avenue Pro Shop and sponsor of this Clinic will be assisting Mark. Russell is known throughout the Trout & Salmon community as an innovator due to the custom color combinations that he has come up with over the years that become the hot baits year after year. Russell will review what he expects will be some of the hottest combinations for 2018. If you are a Lake Ontario Angler who wants to be more productive catching big Kings on in 2018, you will want to make sure you get a ticket for a seat in this clinic. 


     Those signing up for the clinic on Friday or Saturday at the Show will be given a complimentary re-admission pass to enter the Show on Sunday for the clinic.

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How do I get a ticket, other than being one of the first to sign up at AA pro shop booth? Or is that the only way? I won't be there until Sunday.

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