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Niagara Fishing Show - Plastics for Panfish

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Whether you’re an avid ice fisherman or an Lake Erie perch angler looking for alternative baits when live Emerald Shiners are scarce, this is a “must see” clinic from one of the best fishing minds in the business.


Scott Brauer of Gasport, NY is a professional angler and the owner of Maki Plastics, an innovative ice fishing bait company. He is an Ice Team Pro Staffer for Clam Outdoors. Scott spends much of his time travelling the ice belt promoting the great sport of ice fishing. It’s not uncommon to see Scott at just about any ice fishing venue, especially here in Western New York where he conduction on-ice clinics and in-store promotions involving hard water angling. Scott will be presenting the following clinic:

Finessing Techniques with Plastics Clinic Saturday, January 20th – 1:30 –3:30 | $20 Fee | Walleye Trolling Room
*Tickets can be purchased online thru this site or in person at the Show ticket Booth at the entrance.

Plastics are Fantastic, whether thru the ice or in open water including Lake Erie Perch.

"Matching the Hatch" is a phrase often kicked around in the fishing world, the expression comes from the fisherman's attempt to imitate natural insects with artificial imitations in order to fool fish. Fish often ignore all other bait offerings and get lock jaw during major hatches- getting familiar with the bugs, insects, larvae and nymphs that are present in a lake is quite simply a process that is not hard to master, and is a necessary skill for the serious angler. During this class we will examine lake biology, insect hatch timeline, baits and delivery tools and matching the right rod and reel to increase your catch all year long.

Scott Brauer is the brain child behind Makiplastic Bait, an aquatic insect nerd and national award winning educator. He will lead participants through questions from the class and add in lessons from fish including underwater video of how fish react to what we are doing above. There will be giveaways from all of his sponsors throughout this in-depth look at how to fish plastics and how to fool even lockjaw fish!

scott pic.JPG

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