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Oswego salmon report

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Went out today out of Oswego for salmon. Saw a moderate amount of fish marked on the fish finder out front of the smoke stacks in 90 - 100 fow down 55 - 75 ft. All running on top of bait fish. A few more marked just east also. We did not get a single fish in the boat! Had only 2 knock-offs all day ( 6 am - 3 PM). Saw two separate boats bring in a salmon each; one around 7:30 am, and the other around 2:30 PM out front of the stacks. Used NBK spoon/flasher (green/green); green flasher/silver/red nose j-plus on the downriggers. Changed to flies (green) on the downriggers. Had 2 walker divers(fire tiger) with silver flasher/dwb; the other walker wonderbread/silver flasher/wonderbread spoon. Must be doing something wrong, but don't know what! Spoke with a few others on the water and they were not having much luck. They're still out there though.


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