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Sodus 6/29 afternoon

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Fished solo from 4:30 - 8-30, west of port, 190 - 325 fow. Went 6 - 7 with 3 doubles, largest being just under 20 lb. 240 dipsey took 3 fish. 60’ rigger had 48 degrees. All fish caught in 50 degree water or less. But the fleas were horrible! On my 20 lb main line seemed like every foot had a patch of flea on it. Is everyone else seeing this too? Switching over to my 30 lb today, even the wire had a lot on it but that’s easier to get off of. Mainly a fly bite for me. Had two spoon bites, magnum glow green frog took one and a fixed slider stinger size bloody nose took the other. Green and gold FF on 80 rigger had two hits. Have a safe and happy 4th!IMG_2564.JPGIMG_2563.JPG



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