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Managed to get out yesterday for my first solo trip ever on Lake Ontario.  Everything went as smooth as one could hope, for a first time solo.  Netting bigger fish is definitely a bit tricky by yourself.

Something else I tried for the first time ever yesterday was a Live Stream Broadcast on Youtube of the whole trip!  It started off pretty exciting, with the first hit before I could even setup the broadcast.

finished the day 6 for 6, one bow, 2 shakers, a teen, and a few in between.  I started off around 105fow and went deeper, found nothing, and came back to catch a few more in 105fow.

The teen unfortunately bled out on the way in, and was a bit bigger than I like keeping, so I ended up taking it to Mountsberg Conservation for the Raptor Sanctuary they have there.  Cool place, they were more than happy to take it.

I did end up taking home a perfect size eater for myself too, had it on the smoker all afternoon and it was very tasty.

I plan on broadcasting more live streams while fishing in the future, yesterday was kind of a test run.

Here are some of the best clips I took from the live stream recording.




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I like the last picture, makes me hungry. Much like Vanilla Ice, sometimes it’s time to go solo.

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Great pics from up in the big CA! I fish on the south shore near Rochester NY but I also use a smoker, big chief lure Jensen. Any possibility you might share your brine recipe? Or any tips to achieve that final color! I usually brine mine in one quarter cup salt and sugar overnight...

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