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Was a slow morning... Rods down from 5-10am.  only went 1 for 1 (or so I thought) but it was a good one, 21lbs.

Unfortunately the 'boat cam' gopro stopped recording 5 minutes after it started, and I failed to notice... so I missed the hit/fight/landing on video.

Fortunately, the water wolf did better and caught some good action.  I captured my first bait ball on camera!!   I'm gonna have to sharpen my damn hooks.  I saw at least 2-3 missed hits on video (and thats only on the lure with the camera!).... I'll admit I didn't even see the rod shaking when the ones hit and stuck for a few seconds that you see on the footage.  

I did make a live stream broadcast on youtube this morning for about 1.5hrs.  Anyone who's subscribed would have been notified when I went live.  Unfortunately they were uneventful.... no fish hit during the stream.

managed to graph the 21lber on its way back down after the release too.




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Thanks guys!  The footage was from the Water Wolf v1.1, which I just picked up.  relatively cheap ($139) and hydrodynamic... seems to work well, except for the leak the first time using it (seemed to be some residue on the case, right where the seal is,  from manufacturing, after cleaning with isopropyl it seems to seal properly now)

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