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Help out Pat Yohon

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Some of you, especially in the Rochester area, may know long time local fisherman Pat Yohon.  He has recently fallen on some hard times, injuring his lower back at work while trying to lift a storm drain cover, which caused bulging discs L4 L5 S1.  He now can't work, insurance and workers comp are giving him the run around and bills are starting to pile up.  He does have a side gig, making trolling flies(great for Salmon) http://grctrollingflies.com but doesn't make to much, especially with fishing season about to slow down.  I was able to convince him to start a go fund me, link is:  https://www.gofundme.com/fundraising-to-help-with-medical         


Pat's a really good guy, always willing to help out others...it's tough to see him in this situation.  If you're able to help out, whether it's buying a few flies or donating a few bucks via gofundme, I know he would be extremely appreciative.  


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