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Wayne County

wayne Wayne County Fishing Report for September 25, 2018

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Lake Ontario- Lake fishing is just about over for the season…and what a year it was with great catches and healthy-looking trout and salmon. Hardly any lamprey marks.


Currently the kings are staging in less than 100 feet of water and are hitting spoons and stickbaits. Some two-year-old kings have been in 200 feet of water.


We need rain to open-up Maxwell Creek at the mouth and to produce a nice flow of water. October is the month to catch the browns which follow the kings up the streams. Egg sacs…real or artificial…are your best bets for catching browns.


Pier fishing is another option. Use heavy spoons and cast out into the Sodus channel. Just be very careful. It’s not like you are standing and casting into two feet of water like Maxwell. The outlets are deep, and the current is flowing all the time. Be cautious…you don’t want to fall in the water.


Click here to see the rest of this report on ILoveNYFishing.com.

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