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Garmin FF won't hold bottom

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When I have it on bottom lock it sometimes jumps above the span of the screen... Like if I am in 80fow and my jig gets close to the bottom, it's like it glitches and jumps the bottom up 10' then drops back down... This is really annoying because that split second when the fish rose off the bottom to the jig and the snap up just in front of it's face seems to get me a lot of reaction bites... Bottom when it glitches... I miss those bites... It seems to be getting worse. Is the transducer getting faulty? It's a year old but been through heavy use since last winter... I've tried different locations on the boat, different angles on transducer mount... Transducer has never been left on out of the water execpt when ice fishing and even then I use a hole next to my main so it stays in... Tried looking this up but only find info on when traveling speed not drifting. Tyia
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Just a thought Mike, but if your unit supports software updates you may want to check the Garmin website for any possible update and install it. Sometimes some units need to be set back to the factory default condition first and then install updates to get rid of potential glitches.That way if you know the unit is up to date etc. it may be hardware (e.g. possibly transducer or its location etc.) related if still doing the same thing and if not you're home free.

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