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Cayuga County

cayuga Cayuga County Fishing Report for October 26 - November 9, 2018

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The fishing report below is made available from the Central New York Fishing Hotline for October 26 through November 9, 2018 at https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/9218.html Please visit that site for more information or to follow links.


As a word of warning, many of the dock structures at the DEC boat launches will be removed soon or may have been removed already. So, please plan accordingly. Some DEC docks that have been removed as of 10/26 are: Port Byron, Sandy Pond, and Redfield Reservoir.


A reminder that from Nov 1 to May 1, all persons aboard a pleasure vessel less than 21 feet must wear a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) while underway. For more information on boating regulations please view the NYS Boater's Guide (link leaves DEC's website).


Free fishing day on November 11, 2018! Anglers are reminded that in celebration of Veteran's Day, November 11, 2018 residents and non-residents can enjoy a day of freshwater fishing in New York without the requirement for a fishing license. Fall is a great time to fish and there's no better place to do it than the State of New York. Learn more about Free Fishing Days in New York at https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/89821.html


Click here to see the rest of this report on ILoveNYFishing.com.

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