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The Buffalo News provides updates and information on a variety of topics of interest to outdoor enthusiasts. See below for the most recent links.


The Buffalo News Shares “Scattershots (Jan. 2)”

Bill Hilts Jr. provides details on several topics of interest to outdoor enthusiasts in this edition of “Scattershots” from The Buffalo News. Topics discussed include “Allied Sportsmen Trap League starts Jan. 6,” “3-D Archery League begins Jan. 6,” “Niagara bird festival weekend set for Jan. 25-26” and “Public comment sought on Cattaraugus Creek fisheries plan.” Click here for details!


“The Fishing Beat: Mother Nature throws anglers a curve” from The Buffalo News

Bill Hilts Jr. discusses the latest fishing related happenings throughout the region in this edition of “The Fishing Beat” from The Buffalo News. Bodies of water discussed include Lake Ontario and tributaries, the Niagara River, Lake Erie and tributaries, Chautauqua Lake, as well as an ice fishing update. Click here to see!


“Remembering and appreciating the people who help make the outdoors great” from The Buffalo News

In this article from The Buffalo News titled “Remembering and appreciating the people who help make the outdoors great,” Bill Hilts Jr. reflects on many of the individuals who have had an important impact on the outdoor community. The article provides a great tribute to many individuals, recognizing their contributions. Click here to read more!


“Catches of the Week (Jan. 2)” from The Buffalo News

The Buffalo News shares photos and stories of some of the fish caught in the region recently in this edition of the “Catches of the Week.” This edition includes steelhead, brown trout and more. Click here to see!


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