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I hunt mostly around Niagara County in the early season and venture to the Finger Lakes for the late season. No spoonies that day although I did get a few the next weekend, we got mallards, wegion, and the one in the middle is a mallard/black duck hybrid.

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Irondequoit bay........Not a very fun place to hunt. TONS of Pressure l(Like said on a previous post) and once the shooting starts the ducks are hell bent for shoe leather. If you hunt divers and don't have a boat, you really limited. Puddle ducks you could get away with hunting Tonowanda or Oak Orchard WMU's. Those areas are pretty much walk in spots. Like Irondequoit, there is a lot of pressure there. I choose to canoe back to small open water pockets. There are dikes that run through the properties, but thats usually where you'll encounter the skybusters. In the late season the Lake Ontario shoreline can be good. You just have to have a nice south wind. Certain areas I hunt on the lake you still need a small boat to put out the decoys. Any wind other that south you are pretty much screwed.

My suggestion is getting a boat. It will open up a ton of opportunities. Like posted on the other thread, the open water hunts are great. Check out my previous post viewtopic.php?f=21&t=8835

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