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  1. Wing it, it was fun. Right about 40$
  2. Great now I am jacked for some real hunting and I will have to settle for Honkers and mallards, Its like drinking NA beer pointless.
  3. I built my own. Wasnt hard took one afternoon and a couple trips to home dumpo.
  4. Trap you are in for a treat, if you are in to making decoys. Missdemeanor makes some of the finest WORKING decoys! I love those oversized long-tails!
  5. I have been layout hunting the FlX and the big O the past 4 seasons, Last year was tough due the boat trouble with the tender. But we are ready to go this year. I keep 2 diffrent spreds now: 1. Lake Ontario spread (Scooters, Long tails, Goldeneyes, and bills) 2.Finger lakes (Bills, Redheads, Cans) 100 deeks 2 layout boats, 17' Tender The first week of dec. is really when things heat up for us, as far as hunting lake O you are at the mercy of the weather which can be unpredictable at best. PM me if you want to come out there is nothing better in hunting than layouts for me. we sometimes could use one more gun from time to time. Missd. was right on with the info. he gave as well, bills have been hard to limit on in lake ontario.
  6. The best part about that fish was that I had been fishing for muskie for days with no success so I decided to to catch a few bass to try and remember what a fish looked like. I packed up all my muskie lures put on a 1/4 oz. spinner bait and figured it was dooms day for the smallies. First cast 18in smaillie... 2nd cast spinner bait just stops 1/2 way through the swing (the place i fish has current) HOOK SET! Big hard head shakes follow I am thinking what the heck am I attached to? The fish then surfaces thrashing all over and my hart stops. No leader on, 7'0 med action rod, 2500 series penn reel, 30lb braid. I am freeking out at this point. Fish runs hard peels drag but I was able to land him. I by no means think its ok to fish with such lite tackle for such awesome fish due to the fact it tireds them out too much. I was able to fully revive him and he swam off with a shot!
  7. I figure some where in the mid to upper 40's. Kept the fish in the water the whole time and released the fish unharmed.
  8. What do you normally use for jigging? I have used spoons in the past and done ok, but I was wondering what type of jigs or spoons other have success on.
  9. 2 for sure, possibly 4 if the price is right.
  10. Looking for electric downriggers, anyone have any?
  11. Looking at a 1976 22' Penn Yan, 1000 hrs, tunnel drive, looks mint. Anybody have thoughts about this boat and what to look for when taking a look at it? Want a trolling boat, always liked Penn Yan, its old but looks like it was exceptionally maintained.
  12. I would have voted for you with out knowing who to vote for! Good video.
  13. I caught some in april on rattle traps last year, I guess it really depends on the weather and the water conditions. With the river the way it is now it could be some time until the conditions are good for spring bass. Although the warmer temps this weekend could warm up that muddy water.
  14. Thanks for the info guys, I am gonna give it a shot tomarrow I think that it is a rotary system with NFB.
  15. Thanks, where did you take it because I had a place in rochester tell me over 450.
  16. Anybody out there know if you can convert a 40 hp Merc with a broken stearing cable to a tiller motor? The motor is a '04 2 stroke.
  17. Not a brant, its a farm goose that lives at the boat launch area.
  18. 30 in. of snow and shootin eiders! Sounds like heaven to me!
  19. I saw a guy surfing in the lake off Iron Bay last week, NUTS!
  20. Shoot a doe in 8C and you can trade it for a buck tag. When you transfer a DMP dont forget to copy down the back tag of the other hunter as well on your liscence.
  21. I took 5 doe this year and I am looking forward to eating my way to the bottom of the freezer. I doubt this will affect the land we hunt on considering the number of does we saw in archrey season. We spotted over 20 in the clover feeding in one afternoon.
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