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  1. SS, Ill give you a shout next year I stay with my friend south of ithaca, we hunted on the east side as well maybe we could do a layout hunt/mallard hunt next year.
  2. SS I went out in the lake off Sodus. This late season I finally made it down to Cayuga and what a great spot that is, I might just bring the layout rig there next year!
  3. 2 layout boats, 6 hunters, 24 Scoters, 2 Bluebills, and lots of ammo!
  4. Those are some of the biggest Squaw Decoys I have ever seen pretty sweet! We have been nailing the White Wings this year too great job!
  5. It looks like in the last pic that the beast still lives! On a serious note did you catch that bear trolling a T-bone steak? I got my last one doing that I landed him using 2 lb test line too, he was a bear to net though!
  6. Hi, I am going to be a Keuka Lake for a few days after christmas for some duck hunting, I was thinking about trolling for some trout in the afternoon. Would planerboards and stickbaits be the proper program to run this time of year? I have never really fished in the winter but I would imangine the fish would be shallow. Any thoughts would be helpful thanks.
  7. I did any one else hear that the DEC will not stock pheasants any more, I guess they are short on $$. I dont know if this bothers any one else but who knows whats next.
  8. I should trade my tackle in for large talons!
  9. bringley

    Lake Alice

    I went bow fishing there at night before and I saw lots of walleye and bass, looked to be decent sized ones to. The were also tons of crap...I mean carp.
  10. If those trout are dumb enough to be fooled by metal you are just doing them a favor!
  11. Congrats on the deer! I can remember my first like it was yesterday, thats a memory that you never forget! Did he learn to bucher his first deer now too?
  12. I cant wait either, I love bow season but there is just something about the .30-06 that really gets the heart pumping! Good luck to all and be safe.
  13. I hunt mostly around Niagara County in the early season and venture to the Finger Lakes for the late season. No spoonies that day although I did get a few the next weekend, we got mallards, wegion, and the one in the middle is a mallard/black duck hybrid.
  14. Wacked a few on the opener, morning and afternoon!
  15. Nice Buck.....You can't eat horns, no matter how big they are! With that said I think its all about the experience, you can shoot a P&Y if that is what makes hunting rewarding for you or you can kill a spike. It is all respectable in my eyes.
  16. I hang my stands on 200 acres in wellsville. Nice pics!!
  17. My vote is not normal, although you do see some with the hump I would say that if you did a some stats on it you would find that a hump of that size is at least 1 S.D. away from the mean.
  18. Chrome, Nice Job I know right where you are but your secret is safe with me!
  19. Asking someone where they caught a fish like that is like asking a guy what his wife is doing tonight.
  20. bringley

    Monster Eye!

    Pics are comming dont worry! Made a dent in the remaining film on the camera in the river today with 4 lakers and 8 steelhead in the Devils Hole. I have been getting em good the last 6 days down there. The jig is fished on a 13' leader with about 10grams of weight on the main line. I use a 15' float rod and a center pin reel. I was talkin to one of the guys that guide down on the river and he told me that every year he catches walleyes that are well over 10.
  21. bringley

    Monster Eye!

    I do have pictures on a Kodak disposeable camera, not sure if I could get those on the computer? Just out of curisoity how big of walleye have you ever caught?
  22. The bird is are Mergansers both red brested and common they are migrateing through here this time of year, there were also some other assorted diving ducks out there but it was 90% Mergansers. Duck Hunters like me dislike shooting them because of the horrible taste due to the ammount of fish that they eat!
  23. bringley

    Monster Eye!

    Fished the niagara river for steelhead and lakers yesterday, was doing decent with 3 lakers all in the dobble digets and 2 small steeles when my flaot goes down again. It had all the feeling of a monster laker staying down in the current and swimming slow makeing long powerful runs. After a 5-10 min fight i bring it to the net and my buddy (who netted it) says you aint gonna believe this!! It was a monster walleye! we put her on the scale and it reads 15.6 lbs! I am no expert on walleye fishing and I get small ones here and there on accident but this was a true hog. I would have loved to get that thing mounted but I had a good feeling that they are out of season so I turned her loose, the girth on this thing exceeded 20'' took a white 1/64 oz jig! I was super pumped and just thought I would share with some folks who are walleye experts like yourselfs!
  24. I was off Shipbuliders a few weeks ago and noticed an abundace of dead gobies I would bet that the amount of dead ones that you see is like throwing a deck chair off a cruise ship as far as the total pop. of that species goes, prob just normal die offs from the winter. As far as the birds go there were lots of mergansers which are very common to this area and are considered diving ducks that feed on small fish. The merganser prob. do little damage to the fishing resource it's the darn cormarants that you should worry about!
  25. I roosted a bird last night w/ a monster beard, I am already getting the shakes thinking about it! I just hope he stays on the land til the opener, the blood is already pumping. The only thing that should touch a mans a$$ is a turkeys head!
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