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  1. Could very well be...they have the book at the Rochester Public Library if you want to check it out. The Complete Fishing and Hunting Libray: Fishing for Muskie and Pike p. 27
  2. Looked up the book today it said 65-70 pounds netted in 1940 picture looked like it was a huge fish, still alive in the pic.
  3. I saw a picture in a book that was really old that said 70 inch Musky netted at Chautauqua. The book is one of those Complete Guide's to Pike&Muskie Fishing I think they still have the book at Ganders.
  4. Bringley is properly spelled with an "e" between the l and the y. Other than that ray pretty accurate post.
  5. Long Island (there is no special sea duck regs in upstate NY)
  6. Awesome Deer!!! With a great story as well. I had similar results on a doe last night with rage 2 blades, those babies sure pack a punch!
  7. Wellsville, NY, natural ground blind in between thick cover and a cut corn field. Objective: Fill freezer.
  8. Squaw love Zebra mussles and smelt, I know that much, could have to do with migration routes.
  9. I have went out at night and drifted around river mouths casting glo spoons, did well. I used a boat lights, LED head lamp, flasher (charges spoon), and your fishing tackle. -7'' MH spinnging rod -12 lb Test -2500 series reel -Blue glow spoon in 2/5 oz worked well -Good landing net (I like beckman) Good luck and Check the weather/ wave forecast
  10. Found some nice smallies! Caught about 12 keepers all 15' or better in 15-40 ft of water, brown tube jigs and drop shot rigs.
  11. I use an Encore .30-06 in Allegany County and have killed deer at extended ranges that my shotgun would not allow, with that said I do not think its any more dangerous to hunt in the Southern tier since they have allowed rifles. The firearm is only as dangerous as the person who is using it.
  12. If you have a lifetime you do not have to pay the new DMP application fee either, which I think is 10$.
  13. Could just be the spot (awesome food plot), I have seen a few real nice ones this year. Are you in an area where any deer with antlers gets killed? What part of the state are those pics taken in ?
  14. It is going to be a good year, been shootin the bow 4 times a week! I cant Take IT Anymore!
  15. How do you attach a braided line to wire line? I was going to use the braid for backing.
  16. It will feel great when he sheds those tree stumps. I cant belive he could surive with all that stress on his neck.
  17. There has not been a naked lady on the cleos since the mid 90's b/c of a lawsuit w/ womens rights . The pic of the lady was a tribute to the lure makers favorite stripper the way the spoon wigled reminded him of her. I read about this in a F&S mag
  18. FREAKISH, I thought he was going to tip over forward he is so top heavy.
  19. They stocked sturgeon in the Genny 2x, 2001 and 2003 I think. The fish are doing well and the 36 inch mark sounds about right. A man on my street was working on the project (not any more thanks to patterson) and was telling me it takes the females about 18 years to reach maturity.
  20. This seems to be a problem where overfishing and lack of quality habitat are coming together to make a perfect storm that will prove deadly for the rainbows. The state of NY is a downright joke when it comes to proper management of any fishery. The decline of these tribs and the mismanagemet of this resource is a flat out crime.
  21. Now I really cant wait til march!! Good job beatin down on those honkers!
  22. You can hunt from the shore or from a boat, check out the duck hunting regs in your DEC booklet. You will also see where everyone else is there that place gets a lot of pressure.
  23. There are lots of diffrent ways to hunt ducks from a boat, because ducks hang around the shore and they like to be in open water as well. As for boat traffic, Oct-January is not prime time for pleasure boaters in WNY so seeing other people that are not duck hunters is often uncommon.I have found that most people remove there docks in the fall and its illegal to shoot at houses or any type of building, the DEC regs on the web site can explain this better than I can.
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