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Seneca Catherine Creek

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Just wondering if anyone knows what kind of shape Catherine Creek is in?  I hikes a couple of miles of Catherine last fall and it was still quite a mess from the past  summers' flooding. Most of the traditional holes were almost completely  filled in with sediment.  With a relatively dry winter I would imagine that relatively little sediment was flushed out or new holes created.


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Not sure. Fall was a mess. Theres been no cleanup efforts. I believe the trampoline was finally removed.

I live across from it. Refer to the rules of the site though before using names online of creeks. Some guys may flag it. Still guys fishing but not like usual. Waters dropped and clear in the upper half.

I believe major run is gone. Will still be fresh fish but need water for them to flourish.


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Thanks for the info and the heads up.  Please forgive my ignorance and maybe you can help me understand this - but why would naming a popular creek with public fishing rights, supported by public dollars be flag worthy and any different than naming a Finger Lake, public launch, specific cove etc?  I certainly am not trying offend any one or be intentionally obtuse but I don't get it.  I checked out the registration terms especially sections 7&8  on content posted and content/activity prohibited and couldn't really find anything.  If naming a creek or tributary is some against some unwritten rule or violation of etiquette I was unaware of then I sincerely apologize and please let me know so I don't inadvertently offend or step on anyone's toes- that's not what I'm about.  

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