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Niagara County

niagara Falls USA Fishing Forecast for April 18, 2019 from Destination Niagara USA

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Some ice chunks continue to come down through the Niagara River system, serving as obstacles in the upper and lower river sections. This stems from the fact that the ice boom is still in place at the head of the river between Buffalo and Fort Erie. Winds from the southwest will push ice pieces over the flexible boom. As of Tuesday morning, there was 372 square miles of ice left. There needs to be 250 square miles of ice or less before the boom is pulled. Ice thickness varies right now from 6 inches to 28 inches. We will keep you posted. In the upper river, Jeff Pippard at Niagara Outdoors in North Tonawanda reports that perch have been hitting around Beaver Island State Park at the marina and in many of the bays around the Island. Just look for the Emerald shiners. A few rainbows and lake trout have been taken off Gratwick Park in NT on spinners, too.


Click here to see the rest of the report on ILoveNYFishing.com.

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