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2019 Lake Ontario Championship Series (Free Entry DII)

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We are excited to bring the Lake Ontario Championship Series back for year #3

NEW for 2019:

FREE entry for DII entrants with chance to win $500 cash plus $500 in sponsor products. 

With the Spring KOTL coming next weekend, teams may want to consider entering before that event if they are participating in it, especially Canadian teams that are competing in both KOTL events and maybe a Tight Lines event. 

There are 4 Canadian events to choose from, so Canadian teams not competing in any USA events in 2019, can simply enter all 4 Canadian events upfront.

DI remains the same as years past.

DII was amended to a free entry in order to make this a fun and exciting-see how you do   against your peers all season event.  We keep the running scoreboard all year for you.  You simply pick 5 events prior to participating in your first one.  We use your best 3 and we allow 5 picks even though you may not know the events you may do.  No harm in picking extra events-we only use best 3.


Division I is geared more for the charter captain, pro anglers or serious fisher people. Entrants in this division would be those typically qualified to enter the Pro division only in Pro Am style events.

Cost: $100 event (same as last 2 years)

Overall Winner: 70%
Runner Up: 30%

Division II is designed more for the recreational angler and part time tournament angler. However, pros or charter captains can participate in DII if they choose those events that are "NOT" listed as AM (only) events.

Cost: FREE

Overall Winner: $500 cash plus $500 min. in sponsor prizes
Runner Up: $200.00 check and $300 min. in sponsor prizes.





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Thank You

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