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Niagara County

niagara Updates from Buffalo: Fantastic fishing, the latest reports, outdoor news and more!!

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The Buffalo News provides information on several topics of interest to outdoor enthusiasts in this edition! See below for details and links!


“Lake Ontario faces challenges but fishing is great and open for business” from The Buffalo News

In this article from The Buffalo News called "Lake Ontario faces challenges but fishing is great and open for business," Bill Hilts Jr. discusses fantastic fishing on Lake Ontario, despite the challenges with water levels. Click here to see the full story!


The Buffalo News Shares "The Fishing Beat (June 19, 2019)"

Bill Hilts Jr. provides updates and information on the latest fishing conditions in this edition of "The Fishing Beat" from The Buffalo News. Bodies of water discussed include Lake Ontario and tributaries, the Niagara River, Lake Erie and tributaries and Chautauqua Lake. Click here to see.


"Scattershots (June 19, 2019)" from The Buffalo News

In this edition of "Scattershots" from The Buffalo News, Bill Hilts Jr. provides details on a variety of topics of interest to outdoor enthusiasts. Topics discussed include, "LOC Summer Derby set for June 29-July 28," "Greater Niagara BassEye Challenge for June 27-28," "N.Y. free fishing weekend is June 29-30" and "Waterfowl supporter Ed Fiorino dies." Click here to read more!


The Buffalo News Shares “Catches of the Week (June 19)”

The Buffalo News shares photos and stories of several fish caught recently in the region in this edition of the “Catches of the Week.” Click here to see.



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