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Slide diver depth chart

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I just started running slide divers. I'm running the slide divers on wire with the big ring. Was wondering about the depth chart on the website. How accurate are they ? I'm usually trolling at 2.5-3.0 on the fishhawk if that helps. It seems it is about a 2-1 ratio. Is that but everyone uses ? Thought about using a fishhawk td. Would the drag change the depth ? Thanks 

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2 minutes ago, wishinfishin said:

Depends on what number your set to,1,2,3,
Pretty sure you only get a 2 to 1 ratio withe the heavier weight you can get for them

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I'm usually running the low diver on 2 and the high on 3 1/2. That would make sense. I'm guessing it would be closer to a 3-1 like the dipsy divers 

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